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Get to Know Raising Addy

Learning is a journey not a destination

Hi! My name is Christine and I'm a mom to three beautifully, different daughters. They are all unique and amazing in their own way. 

I am also a special needs mother, which takes on a whole new meaning to motherhood/caregiver. Don't get me wrong; motherhood is tough, but having a special needs child takes it to a whole new level.

Addy, is my special needs child. She is on the spectrum, apraxic, low tone, has sensory issues and a genetic disorder. My other two daughters Alex and Andi are typical children with typical issues. 

I have created, Raising Addy to not only help other parents/caregivers, but to help myself cope with the ups and downs of raising a special needs child in addition to two other children while holding down a full time job. It's not easy, but I manage to get up every morning to be the best mom I can be.

Raising Addy, is a place parents/caregivers can come to learn, share, listen and obtain helpful information that I have come across in raising Addy who is now seven. 

This is not intended to give any medical advice, nor treatment, but to simply have one place to gather useful information and resources.

I hope you enjoy Raising Addy as much as I do!

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