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The Feldenkrais Massage Therapy…

Every parent feels this… we will do anything for our kids! A child doesn’t have to be on the spectrum, it’s just what we do as parents for any of our kids. So, when Addy’s neuropsychologist told me about a potentially life changing therapy, I was all ears!



The Feldenkrais Method is a type of exercise therapy devised by Israeli Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984) during the mid-20th century. The method is said to reorganize connections between the brain and body to help improve body movement and one’s psychological state. Proponents claim that the Feldenkrais Method can benefit people with several medical conditions, including children with autism. Although there is no medical evidence that the Feldenkrais method improves health outcomes, researchers do not believe it poses serious risks.


Moshe Feldenkrais once stated, “We move according to our perceived self-image.” By expanding the client's perception and increasing awareness, the theory is that the participant will become more aware of their habits and tensions and develop new ways of moving.


Addy’s Take

Well, it’s been almost a year of Addy receiving Feldenkrais Massage Therapy and I have to say, its working for her! She is now talking more, aware of her surroundings and how her body moves. We still have work to do with her body awareness (where she in space) and muscle control, but there are significant improvements with her mind and body. In my own words, I describe it as if the massage therapy helps connect the body to the brain. There was always a significant disconnect with what her mind and body did. It was like she would walk through life not seeing objects in front of her (like our dog). We even had her eyes checked at one point! She would falloff couches and chairs as she wouldn’t realize where her body was on these objects. Furthermore, her talking and ability to carry on a conversation has drastically increased as well. I believe the muscles in her mouth just needed help connecting to her brain and seemingly, Feldenkrais is a likely contributor in helping with progress in her speech therapy.


As I have stated in the past, please consult your doctor before trying any type of therapy for you or your child. In our case, this has been life changing and Addy also loves her “massage.”  To me, she is even happier as she communicates more and is not falling as much!


To learn more about Feldenkrais Massage Therapy click here.



Much love,

Raising Addy

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