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Addy's Perseverance

As a mother to an autistic daughter, I often wonder what it’s like to be inside her body/brain. Her thoughts? Her reasoning? How she overcomes her struggles? How she thinks about her wins? I truly don’t know, but then something enlightening happened to me.

Over the weekend, an old injury surfaced, and I literally have been having difficulties walking never mind working out. Those of you that know me well know I work out to live and I live to workout. This injury kept me from pushing hard and I hate dialing it back.

During one of my group workouts (see Grit and Grace Yoga), the instructor (who is also one of my best friends) offered me a mini trampoline to jump on as I could not jump rope. Jumping rope put a tremendous amount of pain down my leg that I simply could not handle.

I started to jump on the trampoline, which in a way mimicked jumping rope but…I was frustrated, angry and sad! It was so bad! I was even angry at the other women in the class. Yes, this sounds ridiculous, but I was frustrated that I was unable to do what they were doing without some sort of assistance/alternative (clearly my issue and not their fault). My body just wouldn’t allow it. More importantly, my brain stopped me from hurting myself even more.

Is this what Addy endures every day? Wanting to do what her peers/friends do without some sort of special assistance/alternative? Well, I got a glimpse into her world, and I decided to be like Addy and persevere. To push myself to the best of my abilities at that moment in time. To not give up realizing I am not competing with anyone but myself. To go at my pace, set personal goals given my injury without comparing myself to others.

So, to my sweet Addy…you truly amaze me with your work ethic, your strength, and your passion. You have taught me so much and it’s just beginning! Thank you for choosing me to be your mom and showing me your perseverance every day!

Much love,

Raising Addy

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