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Addy’s Top 3

As a special needs parent/caregiver, the amount of information as well as products can be overwhelming. What works for one child, may not work for another. My philosophy is to learn as much as I can about all the products/resources out there and determine which to try with Addy. I could probably write over 100 pages on what didn’t work (maybe one day), but today, I would like to highlight the three things that I believe have helped Addy thus far. Again, these are what worked for her at varying stages and may not be the right solution for others, but information is key in this ever-guessing game of how to help a special needs child.

  1. Repetition

    1. I often refer to Addy as the million “times” baby. I hate to admit this, but there were times I thought she was never going to gain the simple things in life some of us take for granted, like swallowing/chewing, talking, potty training, etc. However, every goal we’ve set for Addy she has achieved albeit on her own timeline. We repeat the same exercise over and over again until she meets the goal. It may have taken over 1 million times repeating the same exercise, but she ultimately gets there!

  2. Intense Therapy

    1. Addy receives occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), speech and language (SPL) and applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA) every day. I know this sounds like a lot, but it works for her and how she learns/behaves. Adding all of these different types of therapies each and every day has been a game changer for her. OT helps her regulate her body along with fine motor skills like writing, dressing, etc. PT assists with her gross motor skills of walking, stairs, jumping, balance, etc. SPL not only focuses on her speech but also her literacy and communicating with others which is so important as she gets older. Last but certainly not least, is the ABA therapy. By taking in data on her reactions to typical and non-typical situations, the therapists are able to come up with a plan that suits Addy in everyday life occurrences. This has helped Addy keep her behavior in check and focus on point. This mix of therapies has allowed and continues to allow Addy to function to the best of her abilities.

  3. Compression Vest

    1. When her OT, PT, SPL and ABA therapists suggested we try putting the compression vest on again, I was hesitant. We had tried it in the past and saw no changes. I trust the team so we tried it again. When we put it back on Addy was able to focus more (5 more minutes now up to 15-20mins) with the vest on. I have never seen anything like it! Perhaps our timing was just off. Now, she loves the sensory input it gives her which seems to calm her so she can focus on things other than her body. She even asks to wear it all the time. Click here to see the vest she uses.

Again, these are resources/products that are working for Addy. As I stated before, we went through many different products/resources until we found a formula, team and products that are currently working for her. But just like life, these too will change. That’s why knowledge is key. When one solution doesn’t work, try another!

Much love,

Raising Addy

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