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Getting Sick...

It’s awful! Whether you or your child, no one wants to be sick! Now, imagine having a child with special needs who can’t exactly describe what they are feeling the way a neurotypical child can. It’s awful times 10!

Looking back, I used to be paranoid any time Addy was out and about in fear that she would catch something and would not be able to tell me what she was feeling. I would try to protect/guard her to the point that it became unsafe in terms of her well-being (no one should be kept in a bubble) and my sanity.

So, it happened! She eventually got sick. Yes, it was awful as I hate to see any of my kids sick, but just like everything else in life, we managed to get through it. Here are some of things I try and focus on to get us through the sick times.

  1. Stay calm

    1. Remember, just like any child they need us to stay calm and soothe them.

  2. It’s normal

    1. Getting sick is normal and somewhat important in terms of enabling your child to build immunities and their related immune system. In most cases getting exposure let’s your body do what’s its built to do!

  3. Look for signs

    1. Since Addy sometimes can’t verbally tell us exactly what’s bothering her, I study her body, her eating habits – any changes in her behavior to help identify what might be going on and/or bothering her.

  4. Don’t compare

    1. I know this may sound strange, but for me I often compare my kids’ symptoms to see if there are any similarities. Special needs or not, each person reacts differently to an illness so stop comparing (note to self)!

  5. Trust your gut

    1. As caregivers, this is our best tool. We often know and can detect something is off before most can. So, if your gut is telling you something is wrong, trust it and do something about it!

In closing, I do hope everyone stays healthy during this crazy time but know you will get through it, and you’ll all be stronger for it!

Much love,

Raising Addy

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