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Justin’s perspective…

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I can’t thank my wife enough for all that she does for our family. In a way, I don’t feel qualified to write on this topic. Make no mistake, my family is everything to me. That said, my wife carries the load and I trust her implicitly with our family. She is our team captain – the most qualified to lead our family (team)!

My Biggest Challenge

Addy is a remarkable child/person! Everyone who meets her will tell you how amazing she is. She is a happy, go-lucky kid that is as kind as you can imagine. As her father I can’t help but want so much more for her and her future. I see so much potential. Patience might be my biggest challenge when it comes to Addy. She is capable of so much! I just hope she achieves a fraction of what I know she’s capable of.

My Main Goal

Empowering Addy in both mind and body. Christine is the champion on this, but I’m an equal supporter. I’m not lying when I say I’ve witnessed miracles in the progress from where I thought we were, to where we are today. Those miracles are real! My main goal… to ensure Addy continues to receive the environment, guidance and support she needs to develop and thrive.

My Proudest Moment

This is a tough one as I’m always looking ahead…understanding what Addy is up against, it’s difficult to narrow a “Proudest Moment”. I’m proud that she’s in a typical classroom with peers that love her, befriend her, and see her for who she is. I’m proud she continues to defy so many! In my mind, Addy is just starting to flourish and while delayed, I’m so excited to be part of what’s next.

I believe we have gotten to where we are today because of our family unit or as I like to call it a team. “Team” is an interesting concept, and frankly, a concept I call upon again-and-again in my adult life. Teams focus on achieving goals! Teams mitigate weaknesses by relying on the strengths of others to be successful. Teams breed confidence and confidence is an integral component of success in any capacity. I am so proud to be on Team Addy!

Much love,

Raising Addy

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