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My Purpose Behind Raising Addy…

I believe that there is a purpose behind everything we do or choose not to do. Whether intentional or unintentional, everything has a purpose. We may not realize it at the time, but it’s there. Yes, it can change through the course of the journey, but there is always a purpose.

When using purpose as a noun, its defined as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” So why did I create Raising Addy? What am I hoping to accomplish? What is my purpose?

If you were to ask me months ago (we launched in January 2022) I would have said to help other parents like me. To provide a “one-stop shop” for resources/products that took me years to find in which made a difference in our lives, Addy’s life. To share that you are not alone, that even in your darkest/hardest moments, the sun will always rise the next day. To be a source of strength for others encouraging them to never give up – doors do not close unless you choose to close them.

Yet as I reflect today, an unintended purpose was to have an outlet. To let myself know that I’m not alone, that we/she has made tremendous progress. That perhaps, having purpose is much bigger than having a special needs child. It’s about unconditional love, pushing yourself and understanding your true purpose in life.

Since launching Raising Addy, many families have reached out to thank me for sharing our story. Now, I want to say thank you for letting me share my story and helping me see my purpose.

Much love,

Raising Addy

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