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There Are No Coincidences…

About a month ago, we took our eldest daughter Alex to see Les Misérables. Alex loves musical theatre, and seeing the show was part of her birthday celebration. During the intermission, we began talking with a father and his son sitting next to us. We talked about how Les Misérables is a show about courage, love, heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Staying true-to-form, I began talking about my kids. Alex’s love for the stage, Andi’s dancing feet, and Addy’s amazing ability to see the world through a different lens. Naturally, we talked about nondivergent kids and what different perspectives they offer us. Then, something incredible happened. I stopped talking (LOL) and asked about him. He told me he was a writer and loves writing for children so they can feel something positive in their hearts. I then asked, which books he wrote and sure enough I knew them all!

So, who was the author? His name is Drew Daywalt. He has written several children’s books as well as studio screenwriting and directing work with such Hollywood luminaries as Lawrence Bender, Tony Scott & Jerry Bruckheimer.

What struck me the most was how humble and kind he was. He didn’t know it or maybe he did, but I was dying inside. He wrote The Day the Crayons Quit, which spent a year on the NYT bestseller list at #1 and remains on the list to this day over five years later. Then the sequel: The Day the Crayons Came Home also spent a year as a NYT bestseller, and his third book, The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors a NYT bestseller as well. All my kids adore his books and we still read them today.

Alex loves The Day the Crayons Came Home, Addy is fascinated with The Day the Crayons Quit and Andi adores The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors (also my husband’s favorite). If you haven’t read his books (and there are more) please do! Whether it be for your own enjoyment or the joy of a child; I promise you will not be disappointed.

So, what make his books so unique? Well, they take you on a magical journey through comedy, awkwardness, and a different way of looking at anything from crayons to the heritage of the game rock, paper, scissors. He has captivated all my children through his writing. He’s clever, entertaining and a genius!

Yet, the story doesn’t end there. He and my husband exchanged contact info and just yesterday we received signed copies of his books! In his message he wrote,

“There are no coincidences, only spiritual mechanisms.” Drew, I truly believe that and thank you for the kind gesture, your humility, and stories that capture the minds of all children (and adults)!

Much love,

Raising Addy

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1 Comment

Suzanne Petree
Suzanne Petree
Mar 16, 2023

So insightful! Thank you!

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